Who are we?

You're having a get-together, a soiree, a party, a gathering. You've either got a venue that's taking care of your catering, you've made the food yourself or maybe you don't even want a big meal. You just need a bartender to keep the atmosphere loose, the good times going and the drinks well made. 

That's where we come in.

A hospitality and service industry professional of since 2001, I was raised and taught to ensure other people's happiness and satisfaction. I have a passion for good spirits (both kinds), good conversation about good spirits and watching people enjoying drinks that I've made.

I also believe in choices. You shouldn't HAVE to be locked into one option because you selected another. Let me work with you to find the spirits your guests like, the wines that mean a lot to you, and let me provide a truly personal beverage experience. I am also in possession of a Mobile Bar from Best of Times USA that can set up in any event space.

Ashlyn is my right-hand person, and the personality behind 7th Inning Bartending. We would be delighted to serve beverages at your wedding or business reception or celebration or private dinner party. Contact us with any further questions. Our aim to be your last call for your bartending needs.

Matthew J. Fisher

TABC License 6784264

ServSafe Certificate 13980675








Being TABC Certified means that we adhere to all regulations set forth by the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission, including, but not limited to, verifying identification of any guests we deem necessary, refusal of service to minors (those persons under the age of 21 years old), refusal of service to  those persons we deem to be intoxicated, cessation of service after 2:00 AM, et cetera.

Sometimes, you just want someone else to make you a drink...

Hello, my name is Ashlyn Wright,


I am 26 years young. I am a traveling bartender for fun events during my free time. I have been a Registered Dental Assistant for an orthodontist for a year and I love it. I enjoy meeting new people and the fast pace environment.


Before I became an assistant, I worked as a cocktail waitress and bartender for about four years. During that time, I learned a lot about wines, craft beer and how to become a great Mixologist. Bartending lets you meet a lot of wonderful people, like Matthew who was my supervisor at the time. His title has changed from supervisor to manager - but for his own company. Matthew and I are proud to make up 7th Inning Bartending, where we partner up. We're the “A Team” that will make your event a hit! 


The best part of being travelling bartenders is if there is a road, there is a way; we will bring the party to you.  When I’m not working at the office or traveling to  events, I am spending time with my boyfriend, gardening in our yard, shopping, or keeping my fur babies company. I have also been promoted to a new position - Aunt, which is an awesome experience!

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