About Payment
A 25% Deposit is Due within fourteen (14) days of receiving a contract. The balance is due upon completion of the event, or any time prior, in order to ensure your satisfaction. I do ask that the contract for my services is agreed upon and signed Thirty (30) Days prior to your event. Cancellation of your event less than Fourteen (14) Days out will result in a Fee totaling 50% of the contracted amount.
DISCOUNTS: A 10% Discount on your total invoice is applied if you opt to pay in full within Thirty (30) days after receiving your contract.
Venmo, PayPal, Cash or Check are accepted forms of payment.
PACKAGES (4 Hour Maximum;additional hours available as an add-on)
No customization necessary. Pick what works best for you and let's get started. Packages always include:
  • An in-person consultation, if desired,
  • Set-up and Clean up
  • Garnishes
  • Napkins and Bar Straws
  • Portable bar from Best of Times.
Upon booking, I'll ask a few additional questions to ensure a personalized experience. Please inquire about a quote for either a package you see that you like, or let's start talking about customizing your event!

**Gratuities are NOT Included. Tipping is at the discretion of you and your guests and are also subject to the regulations and laws of the venue and city in which the venue is located**

$3.00 per Guaranteed Guest
Beer and Wine only. You supply the alcohol and I supply the service. Fruit garnishes for special beers and plastic cups included, if desired.
$7.00 per Guaranteed Guest
Need me to bring the Beer and Wine? I can do that. Inquire about special requests!
Set-up Guy
$5.00 per Guaranteed Guest
You have the alcohol, Mixers and the people. You need the ice, plastic cups and the service.
Complete Game
Per Tier, listed below
The ultimate in stress-free, Personalized Beverage Service. You tell me how many people need to be served, which tier of alcohol you'd like to serve from the list below, and I will handle everything.
I will carry two domestic and two Premium beers on my bar. You are free to designate which ones you would like. By default, I will carry Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, Corona Extra and Heineken.
I will also carry a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and a White Zinfandel (or Sparkling Wine) of comparable price for the tier selected.
**Specific requests for beers or wines MAY alter pricing. Please inquire for additional information.**

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